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Mini Shine Paw Pet ID Tags

Mini Shine Paw Pet ID Tags

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Introducing Mini Shine Paw Pet ID Tags - the perfect blend of charm and practicality for your beloved furry companions.

Crafted from durable metal, these petite tags boast a diameter of 27mm, adorned with an adorable paw-shaped design. Not only are they irresistibly cute, but they also exude a sense of fashion and sophistication.

Engraved discreetly on the back, you can personalize these tags with your pet's name, address, and contact number. This ensures that even if they wander off on their adventures, they'll always find their way back home safely.

Each package includes one Mini Shine Paw Pet ID Tag, ready to adorn your pet's collar with style and functionality. Keep your furry friends looking beautiful and secure with these delightful accessories.

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